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This page presents the most popular questions of our clients. We have tried to answer each of them in detail and as clearly as possible


Anolyte is effective against bacteria, including against pathogens of tuberculosis and especially dangerous infections, viruses, pathogenic fungi. It is effective against microbial spores, including anthrax spores. Not all disinfectants have such a wide spectrum of action: some are ineffective against tuberculosis pathogens, some are inactive against viruses.

The chemical composition of the Anolyte is unique, it is formed only by electrochemical synthesis using special equipment, it cannot be obtained in any other way. Due to the complex mixture of active forms of chlorine and oxygen, the Anolyte exhibits high antimicrobial efficacy. Microorganisms cannot adapt to it and develop resistance.

Anolyte has a minimum hazard class, according to GOST 12.1.007-76 it belongs to the 4th class of low-hazard substances when injected into the stomach, skin contact, inhalation. Many drugs belong to the 3rd class of moderately dangerous substances when injected into the stomach.

Anolyte does not contain additional components (surfactants, flavors, dyes, etc.), therefore it does not cause allergic reactions and irritations when it gets on the skin and when inhaled (Less "chemistry");

Anolyte decomposes completely to fresh water after use, does not require flushing and decontamination after use. it does not accumulate in the external environment, does not create films on surfaces.  

The concentration of active substances in the solution is 0.05 +0.005%, this is a ready-to-use solution, it does not need to be diluted to certain values.

A solution of the same concentration is used to treat different objects under different conditions, only the treatment time depends on the type of infection.  As a rule, disinfectants are produced in the form of concentrates that need to be diluted to a certain concentration, depending on the object and type of infection. For example, working solutions of "Abacteril" are prepared by diluting the concentrate to a concentration of 0.01% to 6.0% of the preparation for the treatment of various objects. This requires time, breeding accuracy and attentiveness from the staff. The processing time also depends on the concentration of the working solution, each concentration has its own time. All this is inconvenient for work.

Anolyte belongs to the group of non-flammable and explosion-proof substances, no toxic substances are released during its use and storage.

Anolyte can be used by immersion, wiping, irrigation, aerosol treatment. This is not possible for all products, some cannot be sprayed and used in the form of an aerosol.

Для качественной и быстрой оценки концентрации АДВ в растворе применяют экспресс-анализ концентрации соединений активного хлора и активного кислорода в пересчете на активный хлор. Для этого используют тест-полоски, разработанные для нейтрального анолита:
test strips DEZIKONT- NA-01 (NPF "VINAR" according to TU 9398-038-11764404-2003);
полоски индикаторные химические для экспресс-контроля концентраций рабочих растворов дезинфицирующего средства «Нейтральный Анолит» (ООО «Дельта хим-тэк» по ТУ 2642-013-66948373-2010),
AQUACHECK test strips, Water Quality Test Strips for High-Range Chlorine (HACH, USA).
Анализ проводят в соответствии с инструкцией по применению тест-полосок. При погружении в анолит полоска меняет цвет в зависимости от концентрации активного хлора.

Anolit ANK SUPER disinfectant manufactured by Delphin Aqua LLC is registered in the Russian Federation in accordance with the established procedure:
Certificate of State registration of the Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being No. RU. dated 11.03.2021
Declaration of Conformity of ROSS RU D-RU.PA01.V.74396/21 dated 09.04.2021
Instructions for use:
Instruction no. DA 003-13 on the use of Anolit ANK SUPER disinfectant obtained from STEL-ANK-SUPER installations intended for the treatment of equipment and premises at enterprises producing wine, beer, soft drinks and mineral waters. Approved by the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor". 2013; 11 p.
INSTRUCTION No. DA 004-13 on the use of the disinfectant "Anolit ANK SUPER", obtained at the STEL-ANK-SUPER installation, for disinfection purposes at dairy enterprises. Approved by the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor". 2013; 12 p.
Instruction no. DA 005-13 on the use of the disinfectant Anolit ANK SUPER by LLC "Delphin Aqua" for disinfection and sterilization purposes. Moscow. Approved by the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor". 2013; 19 p.
Instruction no. DA 006-14 on the use of the disinfectant Anolit ANK SUPER of the company "Delphin Aqua" LLC for pre-sterilization cleaning of medical devices. Moscow. Approved by the State Unitary Enterprise "Moscow City Disinfection Center". 2014; 12 p.


Anolyte ANK SUPER belongs to the minimum hazard class (according to GOST 12.1.007-76 − 4 class of low-hazard substances) when injected into the stomach, when applied to the skin and inhaled;
it does not have a local irritant effect on the skin, does not cause allergies, does not accumulate in the skin
it does not contain flavorings, dyes, etc. components
it can be used to treat objects by wiping in the presence of people
safe for maintenance personnel even with prolonged contact
it belongs to the group of non-flammable and explosion-proof substances


If the product gets into the stomach, drink a glass of water with 5-10 crushed tablets of activated charcoal; do not rinse the stomach. If necessary, consult a doctor.
If the product gets into the eyes, rinse them under running water for a few minutes. In case of irritation of the mucous membranes, it is necessary to drip a 30% solution of sodium sulfacil into the eyes.

Anolyte ANC SUPER – ready-to-use solution. In medical organizations, it is used without dilution, in one concentration for the treatment of any surfaces and objects. At the same time, some Instructions for Use provide for the preparation of AN Anolyte SUPER working solutions by dilution with purified and softened water.

Like any product containing active chlorine compounds, anolyte can leave light spots on clothes made of colored fabrics. To work with anolyte, it is preferable to use light-colored clothing or a protective apron.

Anolyte ANK SUPER should be stored in cans or other containers made of acid-alkali-resistant polymer materials resistant to strong oxidants or in glass containers sealed with rubber or plastic stoppers, in places protected from direct sunlight, at temperatures from + 3 oC to + 25 oC, do not freeze or heat.
When properly stored in a glass, plastic or enameled container with a tightly closed lid, Anolith ANK SUPER retains its disinfecting properties for up to 6 months.


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