Anolyte ANK SUPER is a very effective universal disinfectant solution, which, moreover, is absolutely eco–friendly, non-toxic and safe. Even when ingested, it does not cause any harm to systems and organs. Anolyte ANC is an effective way to fight bacteria, viruses, fungi and their spores. Along with other branches of production, the product is actively used in various fields of agriculture: animal husbandry, forage harvesting, crop production, canning.

Preparation of silage:

Anolyte is very effective when harvesting silage as a preservative instead of expensive chemical additives. This affordable technology allows you to reduce the loss of sugar and protein in feed. Compared with traditional preservatives, anolyte allows you to get 80-90% more finished feed at the output. In such a silo, lactic acid predominates among other acids, and butyric acid is absent. The digestibility of the feed increases markedly.

Агропромышленные комплексы
Агропромышленные комплексы

Disinfection of livestock and other agricultural premises

To eliminate odors on farms, to prevent various diseases of animals, Anolyte ANC is also effective. When disinfecting agricultural premises with the help of such a solution, all pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and fungi known in agriculture are eliminated. To combat odors, the method of aerosol spraying of the solution is more effective. In a few minutes, a very large room can be processed in this way. Disinfection with anolyte can be carried out in the presence of people and animals.

Crop production

Basic (not all) methods of application of an anolyte in crop production:

Water treatment and treatment of irrigation water.

Disinfection of seeds before sowing and seedlings before planting.

Treatment of plants in greenhouses to combat bacterial and viral diseases.

Processing of agricultural products to extend the shelf life.

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Animal husbandry and veterinary medicine

Methods of application of an anolyte in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine:

An anolyte solution increases the resistance of animals to infectious diseases.

It is used for the treatment of diseases: wound surfaces of animals (sanitation), intestinal infectious diseases (watering of young animals: piglets, calves, chicks).

It is effective for dermatomycosis, respiratory infections, mastitis, foot suppuration, foot-and-mouth disease.

It is recommended for sanitary treatment of animal skin, including cow udders.


In beekeeping, anolyte ANC is used to strengthen immunity, prevent and treat diseases of bees and increase their productivity.

Агропромышленные комплексы

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